Sunday School


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October 28, 2018

FlowersOur K-4 class recently finished up its studies on the Old Testament kings Saul, David, and Solomon. Now we have jumped forward in time to learn about Jesus and his teachings and stories. Last week, we studied the Lord’s Prayer, and we were impressed at how much knowledge the children have gained just from hearing this prayer in church every Sunday. This week, we learned how we don’t need to worry because our Father in Heaven cares about us. We discussed how even the lilies in the field grow and are arrayed in the splendor God provides them. Each child decorated a flower in their own unique way, and we put the flowers together in a big picture and pinned the picture on our bulletin board.

Over the next week or two, we will also be working on a service project, making cards for the people who will receive Thanksgiving baskets from our church. As teachers, we are eager to see the amazing cards our children will create!


June 10, 2018

David and AbigailFor the last month, our K-4¬†Sunday¬†school class has been studying the early kings of Israel. In one of the King David lessons, they learned the little-known story of David and Abigail. In the story, Abigail is married to a mean guy named Nabal. David sends messengers to Nabal to ask for food for his men, who have been camped near Nabal’s men for a while and have helped protect them. Nabal lets out a string of insults and refuses to help. David gets mad, and he and his men strap on their swords. When Abigail finds out what is afoot, she intervenes to prevent war by bringing food and apologies to David. Later, after the death of her husband, she marries David.

The children made booklets with faces representing the feelings of various characters in the story. Then, they made the playdough food in the picture, which includes all sorts of goodies like a tomato, an omelet, a hamburger, an olive, two strawberries, a pepper, a hotdog with mustard, a very ripe banana, a watermelon, and more.