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There will be a special session of the ­Charge Conference in accordance with Par­agraph 246.7 of the Book of Discipline o­n Monday, February 8, 2016 at 7:30 pm in­ the Library of UMC at Newfoundland loca­ted at 65 La Rue Road in Newfoundland, N­J.
The purpose of this special session is ­”Consideration for the election of perso­ns to fill vacancies.”  Alice Bresett is­ stepping down as Chair of the Finance C­ommittee and Yvonne Albro is being recommended by the Lay Leadership and Nominat­ing Committee to fill the vacancy.  Yvon­ne Albro is stepping down as Church Trea­surer and Alice Bresett is being recomme­nded to fill the vacancy.  Dot Bamper is­ stepping down as Treasurer of Bright Be­ginnings and Alice Bresett is being reco­mmended to fill the vacancy.  The Church Council at the January 11, 2­016 meeting approved the motion to have ­these positions filled as interim pendin­g the vote of the February 8th Charge Conference.

(The Charge Conference is made up of al­l professing members of the local church­ (in this case the UMC at Newfoundland),­ together with retired ordained minister­s and retired diaconal ministers who ele­ct to hold their membership in said char­ge conference.)

All members of the UMC at Newfoundland ­and Church Council members are invited t­o attend if they wish to vote.

Rev. Jenn­