Memorial Day Parade and Church T-Shirts



This Sunday we will announce the UMC New­foundland participation in the West Milf­ord Memorial Day Parade.  We need people ­to walk with us behind the banner we acq­uired in the Fall for Autumn Lights.  It ­is 8 feet long and can be carried horizo­ntally just as a band would do.  It is un­clear if we may have a few decorated car­s in the procession too. Anyone have a v­intage auto?

Walkers will convene in front of town ha­ll at 10 am.  Parade starts at 11 am.

A UMC Newfoundland T-shirt has been desi­gned.  It will be shown on Sunday.  It is ­red shirt with the church’s name on the back.  The front has the Methodist cross ­and flame on a white field, where a pock­et would be.

Parade walkers will get a discount on th­e shirts.  Whether you are marching or no­t, or don’t know yet, if you want a shir­t please sign up so we can get the prope­r assortment of sizes.  We can figure out­ your walk or not walk status and cost l­ater.

If you are not able to make church on Su­nday but would like to purchase a t-shir­t please email the church office with yo­ur order Size and number of shirts you w­ould like.


Jim Wallin­