Bell"Growing For and With God"  1870-Present
The oldest record is a Recording Steward's record book dated March 22, 1851.
On December 22, 1866, the congregation met in the school house to elect trustees for the purpose of erecting a church building. The church was to be located on the main street in the center of the village of Newfoundland on property donated by Peter Decker.  Construction commenced in the Spring of 1867.  The building was dedicated, debt free, on September 1, 1870.
Growth followed and a parsonage was erected in 1887, which housed our pastors until 1967.  The spirit of fellowship in the church necessitated the building of a Parish House in 1914 to house the many gatherings within the community.
The first records of our Church School go back to 1907 when 74 children were enrolled.  A classroom expansion was completed in 1954.
By 1964, overcrowded conditions and the encroachment of the widening highway forced the church to consider relocation.  A parcel of land was donated by Mr. & Mrs. William Dongan, which was dedicated on October 17, 1965.  The new parsonage was completed in 1969.  In April 1973, the final service was held in the original building, followed by a "Grand March" from the "old" to the "new".
In 1978, plans began for expansion of the sanctuary and fellowship hall, and was completed in 1980.  In June of 2000, the church voted to begin the process of adding a new educational wing so we could continue to "Grow For and With God".  In the Fall of 2004, the building was dedicated.