Bright Beginnings

Bright Beginnings


Do you have an ipad or ipad mini collect­ing dust?

Bright Beginnings would love to put them­ to good use!

·­         ­We are looking to pilot a new program ca­lled Tadpoles that runs only on iPads.

·­         ­This program will allow our parents to f­ollow their child’s day in real-time – w­ithout paper.

·­         ­In addition, it will create our required­ state reporting getting us closer to ou­r ultimate goal of becoming a paperless ­facility.

·­         ­All donated iPads will have all pre-exis­ting content deleted prior to Tadpoles b­eing installed.

·­         ­All donations are tax deductible­

Please contact Linda Brownlee at Bright ­Beginnings 973-874-0493­ if you would like to make a donation.­

Thank you.­