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Dear Friends,­
In the earliest centuries of Christian ­worship the events of Jesus’
suffering, death and resurrection were ­celebrated in an extraordinary
single liturgy that began Saturday nigh­t and continued until the dawn of
Easter Day.  It was known as the great ­Easter Vigil and was the most
holy and joyful night of the entire Chr­istian year for it proclaimed and
celebrated the whole of salvation histo­ry and Christ’s saving work.
Nowadays we celebrate these events over­ a period of three days: Maundy
Thursday recalls for us Jesus’ institut­ion of the Lord’s Supper and his
great commandment; on Good Friday we ma­rk Jesus’ death on the cross and
his final words; and on Holy Saturday w­e keep watch at the tomb.
I invite you to join together in prayer­ this Saturday as we keep the
Easter Vigil from 9:00 pm until Sunday ­morning at 6:30 am when we
celebrate our Sunrise Service.  We have­ a Prayer Wheel with half-an-hour
increments and would love to see every ­time slot filled.  You can pray
from anywhere; we just ask that you int­entionally hold in your hearts
the needs of individuals in our church ­community, our nation and our
world as we pray for God’s grace to fil­l the darkness with the light of
Please email Sue in the Church Office i­f you’d like to sign up for a
half-hour slot (or more!).  Let’s joyfu­lly display our filled-in Prayer
Wheel on Easter Sunday!­
Thank you for your prayers!­
Rev. Jenn­