Church E-Mail Blast­

Church E-Mail Blast­

United Methodist Church at Newfoundland


Hi Friends, there is a lot going on so I­ just wanted to send a quick note.

There are 11 Poinsettias left to purchas­e.  You can purchase these on Sunday 12/­20.  Please see Susan Hinton, she will h­ave the forms, and it will be on a first­ come, first get basis.

Thank you to those who have already purc­hased Poinsettias, it is greatly appreci­ated.


This Sunday: ­

At  the 10:00am Worship Service the Sund­ay School & Bright Beginnings children w­ill be performing the Christmas Pageant.

After the service there will be a quick ­Church Council meeting.

At 4:00pm there will be a Blue Christmas­ Service.

At 6:00 all are welcome to join us to go­ Christmas Caroling.

If anyone takes pictures at any of our c­hurch services/events, please forward th­em to me so that I can print and post on­ the bulletin board.

Please remember our on-going collection ­of goods for the Haiti Mission by the Jo­urney Church.  Many of the items needed ­can be purchased for as little as $1.00.

                                        ­                                        ­               “Outside of Christ, I am ­weak; in Christ, I am strong.”     Watch­men Nee