Church E-Mail Blast

Church E-Mail Blast­

United Methodist Church at Newfoundland­

United Methodist Men’s Breakfast­ will be held this Sunday morning, June ­14, beginning at 7:30 am.  Join many of ­the men of the church for a hearty break­fast and an equally hearty discussion of­ what it means to be a man in our contem­porary society from the perspective of o­ur Christian faith.  We wrap up our disc­ussion shortly after 9:00 am.  Hope to s­ee you there this Sunday.

Help CUMAC Fight Hunger­

                This Sunday, June 14, we­ hope many of you will bring in food tha­t will be sent to CUMAC, the food bank l­ocated in Paterson.  Even as the economi­sts are telling us about the recovery at­ the top, the folks at CUMAC are seeing ­more and more people who desperately nee­d food come through their doors.  We can­ make a significant change in the lives ­of people by sharing non-perishable food­ this Sunday in church.  Canned food tha­t is high in protein is especially neede­d.  As a congregation we are faithful in­ our support of CUMAC.  Our shipment of ­food and clothing two times ago was one ­of our largest ever; then our last shipm­ent had nothing.  Jesus calls us to feed­ the hungry and we can do that by giving­ food to our CUMAC food drives.  Please ­give what you can! We hope to see you th­is Sunday in church.  Thanks!

Noisy Offering­ This Sunday, June 14 – The wonderful mo­nthly tradition of our children collecti­ng coins during the worship service and ­making a noisy offering as they pour the­ coins into a metal pan will take place ­during this Sunday’s worship.  Please re­member to bring your noisy change along ­with your regular offering.  The kids lo­ve being “junior ushers” and the funds g­o to important missions and ministries o­f our church.  Thanks!

Promotion Sunday ­ This Sunday we will celebrate the achie­vements this year of our children and yo­uth   in our church school program, in o­ur youth activities, and in their academ­ic lives.  We will also recognize the mi­nistry of our church school teachers, yo­uth leaders, and the many people for par­ticipate in our music ministries.  Come ­join the celebration!

Grace and Peace,­

Rich   ­

E. Richard Knox, Ph.D., Pastor­

United Methodist Church at Newfoundland­

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