District Day of Learning 01/25/2020

Dear Friends,

On Saturday, January 25 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at Sparta United Methodist Church (71 Sparta Ave.) the Skylands District of the Greater NJ Annual Conference invites you to join in a Day of Learning.

This Foundational Leadership Training is designed for church officers, committee and team leaders, and people engaged in various ministries of the church to provide foundational understanding and leadership skills.  Two workshop sessions provide the opportunity for participants to choose different options to learn about their area of ministry and general leadership skills. There is no cost for the event, but pre-registration is requested.


9:00 a.m. Registration and Fellowship Time
9:30 a.m. Workshop Session 1
11:00 a.m. Break
11:15 p.m. Workshop Session 2
12:45 p.m. Adjourn


Dinner Church | Brendan Galvin & Trey Wince
Dinner churches are continuing to serve as welcome spaces for people who don’t normally find themselves in a worship setting. Take part in a dinner church experience that is simple, meaningful, and easy to do in your own church context.

The Work of the Staff Parish Relations Committee | Eunice Vega-Perez
Covers the responsibilities of the SPRC, guidelines for dealing with conflict, and outline the committee’s role in the appointment making process.

Church Finance and Stewardship 101 | Micháela Murray-Nolan
Assists new finance council and stewardship council members in learning the roles and responsibilities of their positions, as well as the resources and assistance available to them and their church.

The One Board Model for Congregational Leadership | Steven Bechtold
Explore how to develop a single board model for your church within the guidelines of the Book of Discipline for a more effective and streamlined lay leadership.

How to Become More Effective Trustees | Daniel Gepford
Learn how to approach the responsibility of caring for church property and assets. Effective trustees not only respond to facility repair issues but also help nourish a renewed spirit of cooperation and missional outreach throughout the congregation.

The Art of Digital Storytelling in Worship and Ministry | Myounghun Stephen Yun
Discover easy and effective tools and methods to create and relay the stories of faith and congregation in worship and to a wider audience digitally.

Building an Inclusive Church | Kaleigh Corbett & Amanda Hemenetz
Come learn the basics of building an LGBTQ-inclusive or Reconciling community and network with other like-minded United Methodists. Topics covered include LGBTQ 101 (sexual orientation and gender identity), intersectional justice, being an ally, and resources on how to build an inclusive church or community.

Small Group Ministry for Your Church Community | Amy Garrett & Debra De Vos
Learn how you can provide more ways for people to grow in faithful leadership and discipleship by the small group ministry of your church.

Spiritual Renewal for the Stressed Out Worker | Timothy Nicinski
There are spiritual practices and mindfulness strategies you can use to alleviate the discomfort of the workplace. Discover spiritual renewal and mindfulness techniques to restore your spiritual core, mind, body, and soul.

From Mission Gestures to Mission Engagement | Ashley Wilson
Explore ways to engage in hands-on mission that not only provides resources but also changes your life and the lives of people in your community.

Outreach & Witness | Luana Cook Scott
Focus on information and resources available to reach your community and start new programs of witness, as well as how to have a conversation with your congregation about starting new ministries. Laptops are encouraged.

Tilling the Ground for Youth Ministry | Kerwin Webb
Identify how to begin preparing churches for cultivating and growing youth ministry. Learn concepts and ideas that will be further explored during the Ministry Summit in February.

To register please use the following link: https://www.gnjumc.org/skyland-district-foundational-leadership-training-registration/

Blessings, Rev. Jenn

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