Giving Tree

This year many things are different, including our Giving Tree program.

The Headstart program at the Upper Greenwood Lake school has once again given us a list of children in need of support. This year we will condense the regular list to just be based on gift cards. Please support the program and the kids by providing gift cards, preferably to Wal-Mart, so that the parents can shop for themselves. You can review the list and dedicate your gift to a particular family or give it undedicated and the school will decide how to give them out. Generally they have an excellent understanding of the needs and do a great and fair job giving out the gift cards.

Cards can be for any amount, $10, $20, etc. Multiple simple denominations cards allow them to more readily be evenly distributed.

Please deliver or mail your gift cards to the church office. The office hours are Monday – Thursday 2:30pm – 4:30pm. The cards will be collected and delivered to the school in Upper Greenwood Lake. You could label your envelope “Attn: GT”.

The timing of many things is different this year. Normally we would try to complete our collection two Sundays before Christmas, Dec 13. I will ask the church office to make a first delivery when a significant number of cards have been received, perhaps Friday the 11th or Monday the 14th. A second delivery can be made later in the week of Dec 18.

Thanks again for your support of this program. So many families have been blessed over the years by the generosity of our members.

Jim Wallin

Giving Tree