The Seed Project

20 pounds of Lake Valley Organic seeds and 1 lap-top computer + headphone donation for tracking the Nepalese school health club pilot program in Nepal have just been  received by John Mikolaj for upcoming water remediation mission trip to Nepal.  The severe Earthquake of 2016 took the entire country’s water service off-line.  John Mikolaj is restoring potable water to the outer remote areas bore holes far from Katmandu. As he restores these with a water purification system, Mikolaj  has distributed seed packets to villagers.  Now he will be giving the seeds to schools for potential for school gardens through “Health Clubs” which are directly connected to the water programs.   These seeds can help feed local indigenous children (the people are called “The Badi”  ) and improve the health and sanitation of these youngsters.  It is hoped to grow into business and entrepreneurial skills by teaching students business skills to sell surplus food once they  learn how to grow the seeds.  With luck and sponsors this will be a recurring mission.   This is I believe our third seed outreach program to date  in Nepal and has been made possible by our partners: the United Methodist Church of Newfoundland who store the seed safely in a mission room and Lake Valley Organic seeds for donating them, and Jon Carpenter who pulled the technical stuff together.  We are grateful to all our sponsors for the good they do.  Many thanks! Celeste Hampton, Seed Solution


Food and seeds delivered to Africa to support hungry children and teach them how to grow their own food.  Water is desperately needed, and The Seed Project is hard at work raising money for a water system that will provide water for villagers and for growing food.