Sunday School


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October 13, 2019

Even young children can learn hard lessons.  Last week, we talked about how to love our enemies, a rather daunting task and one of Christ’s more difficult instructions.  We decorated our bulletin board, as you can see, with our crafts.


September 15, 2019

The fall semester of Sunday school has started, and I am reminiscing 
about our summer fun.  Here is my favorite memory.  One day we had just two kids in our class, an elementary school student and a 
not-very-mature preschooler.  We carried on as usual, teaching the older student and allowing the younger one to participate to the best of his 
ability.  The kids were light-years apart in their development.  But when 
the class was over, the older child went over to the younger one, who 
was just playing with toys and by then not at all engaged in the class. 
She gave him a fist bump and a high five, and for me it was a moment of 
wonder.  In our world where adults are constantly fighting about 
politics, these kids can be our teachers.  It is time to reach across the 
divide, whether it be developmental or ideological, and make a 
connection.  We have much to learn from the example of these two children!


March 3, 2019

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Today, as we closed our unit on parables and started a unit on people Jesus met, we changed our bulletin board.  The house the wise man built on the rock is gone, and we replaced it with a wreath of hands.  After learning the story of Jesus healing a man’s hand on the sabbath, we talked about how we can serve with our hands and incorporated some of our ideas into our hand-wreath.


February 19, 2019

Audition Picture 2

I’ve been thinking lately about the old-fashioned idea of bringing a child up in church.  These thoughts come because my daughter is almost grown, busy applying to colleges and getting ready to fly off into her own independent life.  When I first brought her to church, she was a noisy toddler who spent most of her time in the nursery.  She started Sunday school at three and, being an unusually active, not particularly mature child, provided her teachers with many challenges.  As the years went on, she learned to focus and listen, play handbells, first at the kid level and eventually with the adults, help with the younger children, volunteer in various ministries, and even play violin in the praise band.  We did have some ups and downs, meltdowns when she was small, times in those tween and early teen years when she felt different from other children, who went to school while she was homeschooled.  But we taught her to persevere, to make a commitment to the church and find ways to serve and grow.  Now, she treasures church relationships with people of all ages and understands what fellowship is from the inside, rather than as an abstract concept.  I am grateful for the role the United Methodist Church at Newfoundland has played in her life.


February 2, 2019

Teaching Sunday school is more rewarding than a lot of people realize.  There really is nothing in life that equals that moment when you do an experiment and it works and all six students gasp at once with amazement.  They reacted so loudly that my daughter heard them from her classroom next door!  We were studying how the Kingdom of God is like yeast, and in our experiment we mixed two sets of ingredients in separate containers.  And then the big moment came – we poured everything in together and it grew and grew and overflowed from the water bottle into a big bowl!  This was one of my favorite lessons ever.  My only regret:  I didn’t think to take a picture.


October 28, 2018

FlowersOur K-4 class recently finished up its studies on the Old Testament kings Saul, David, and Solomon. Now we have jumped forward in time to learn about Jesus and his teachings and stories. Last week, we studied the Lord’s Prayer, and we were impressed at how much knowledge the children have gained just from hearing this prayer in church every Sunday. This week, we learned how we don’t need to worry because our Father in Heaven cares about us. We discussed how even the lilies in the field grow and are arrayed in the splendor God provides them. Each child decorated a flower in their own unique way, and we put the flowers together in a big picture and pinned the picture on our bulletin board.

Over the next week or two, we will also be working on a service project, making cards for the people who will receive Thanksgiving baskets from our church. As teachers, we are eager to see the amazing cards our children will create!


June 10, 2018

David and AbigailFor the last month, our K-4 Sunday school class has been studying the early kings of Israel. In one of the King David lessons, they learned the little-known story of David and Abigail. In the story, Abigail is married to a mean guy named Nabal. David sends messengers to Nabal to ask for food for his men, who have been camped near Nabal’s men for a while and have helped protect them. Nabal lets out a string of insults and refuses to help. David gets mad, and he and his men strap on their swords. When Abigail finds out what is afoot, she intervenes to prevent war by bringing food and apologies to David. Later, after the death of her husband, she marries David.

The children made booklets with faces representing the feelings of various characters in the story. Then, they made the playdough food in the picture, which includes all sorts of goodies like a tomato, an omelet, a hamburger, an olive, two strawberries, a pepper, a hotdog with mustard, a very ripe banana, a watermelon, and more.